Minister of Fun

The Dorrell family presents the truth of God’s Word in amazing ways! We promise an experience that your families will never forget and that they will be engaged in the Word of God. Our mission is to share the Good News of Jesus in a fun way that people of all ages can see, hear, understand and experience God’s perfect plan for their life. Nathan has been a Christian Juggler for over 25 years and he and his family are ready to serve you!

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FROM Nathan, 1-24-2018: God has blessed our ministry–and one of our favorite things is that He has blessed us with a vision for how we can help your church. This vision has two parts:

1. That the Lost would encounter God–His presence, His power and His Word as we share our presentation at your church and that God would do His saving work.
2. That every believer go away changed–and that your church would share Jesus with more people than they ever have before that week!

And God wants these two things to happen so when we pray for them to happen–He answers. We also equip every willing believer with unique and surprising tools to share the Gospel as they leave your church after our presentation. We find that 80+% take these and share their faith that week and invite someone to church. While, for some, it is a one week commitment, we find that there are some, who never shared their faith before, will go share their faith for the first time and see God work. And that will start a LIFETIME of faith sharing in their life. What a difference God can make in THEM and in YOUR CHURCH.

May God bless you, your church and your ministry!

in Christ,